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Advertising on Dibloc

Dibloc adopts a participatory information system.

On this social network, the advertising is handled in an innovative and transparent way, without the use of annoying banner o pop-up windows, nor by installing profiling cookies, but exclusively through the Dibs.
In fact, every Dibler holding a Pro account, can post advertisement Dib connected to a topic respectively, of the duration of 168 hours (7 days) or 720 hours (30 days) and containing images, videos, text and eventual links to external resources.
The advertisement Dib will be perceived by the community, not as an invasive content, but as an element of information and sharing; then it will follow the normal path of each other Dib, based on the interest aroused in readers (click,UP,comments).
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Currently Dibloc is in BETA version and not allows the Pro account sign up and post advertisement Dib. [+ info]

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